When ASICS asked me to shoot a short piece around the creation of the new artwork by incredible talented artist Frankie Cihi in Tokyo and after that shoot some runners in Sydney, I didn't think twice. Armed to the teeth with an Alexa Mini LF, Phantom Veo, Blackmagic Pocket 6K, Hasseblad X1D and a bunch of lenses, I travelled across the globe all alone. This truly was an experience of a lifetime for me, and although it was very intense, I loved every second of this trip that felt a little bit like a lucid dream.
8 days on the go
3 continents
54 hours of travel time
2 remote pre production meetings
3 time zones
4 cameras in hand luggage
2 recces
2 gear checks
2 shooting days
4 key visual stills
6 hours of raw footage
ASICS             Ekiden
Production company: MXR
Service Tokyo: Bob Miyake
Service Sydney: Chisel
My role: Directing DP

Vienna, Austria.